Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week

Almost 10 Years ago, since 2010 the first contemporary Art Biennial in Mongolia was inaugurated, LAM has invited more than 150 international and about 50 Mongolian artists to participate with site specific work contributions so far. The project has been continuous developed, creating an international platform for artists and cultural experts to share their ideas on the arts and environment. In 2017 LAM added the Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week to present a stage for the discussion of the urgent global issues, and it is with my very pleasure to celebrate this 2nd Public Art Week now, guided by the question: Nomadic Democracy?
There has been a rapid development and change in Ulaanbaatar city in the past decade. Some changes might have been to rapid to include the general public to participate all of the achievements. But as nomadic achievements seem to prepare the strength of what our planet actually needs, this might be the right place for a new conference shifting the global perspective, and this is actually why we installed the Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week, and by time we hope to spread the program extending to more public activities.
It is for my very pleasure to thank all the acclaimed participating guests for being here presenting at the conference and also the artists for their exceptional contribution. And I would like to acknowledge also the support and help of so many individuals to make this event possible, just to name here Dolgor Ser-Od and Uli Seitz, beside so many others named in this booklet below for their work.
I hope for an inspiring gathering at the Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week with our guests and the Ulaanbaatar honored cultural scene, to lighten a common sense of today, and may the activities of LAM will continue in the future to invite the general public in UB to participate.