Solo Show | Emigration Made Pavilion 148 | Prometeogallery, Milan | April 10 – June 5, 2015


Prometeogallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition by Giuseppe Stampone entitled


Prometeogallery, Milan | April 10 – June 5, 2015

Giuseppe Stampone’s latest project ‘Emigration Made Pavilion 148 starts off from the demand of hospitality and the intricate question of the ‘stranger’ or the ‘foreigner’. The works on display, ranging from drawings to sculptures, explore the notion of a sociopolitical border and the multiple forms of control that come with it. 

The timely planning of this solo show makes it coincide with the Expo Milano 2015, the world’s fair that is entirely dictated by the nation-state and its corporate allies. Conceived as an imaginary 148th pavilion to be added to the fair, Stampone’s conceptual project tackles the issue of migration in a cynical yet playful and poetic way, relating it to various means of transport (trains, ships, trucks) that are turned into remote-controlled vehicles within the gallery space. Apart from that, several bic pen drawing are put on show, mocking the idea of protectionist merchandising labels.