Gourbi Club#8 Emigration Made by Giuseppe Stampone | Roubaix | December 18, 2015


Giuseppe Stampone « Global Education » children’s workshop
December 16, 2015
– B.A.R. Bureau d’art et de la Recherche, 112, Av. Jean Lebas 59100 Roubaix 

Emigration Made by Giuseppe Stampone
December 18, 2015
Tom’s House, Roubaix
with the participation of Martine Salmon and Karim Feddal.

When we deal with emigration, we speak of origins, displacements, movement and travels. It is part of our human nature to struggle, to defend ourselves and to create our own universe. The theme of emigration draws not only associations of life, hope, confidence but also fear, grief, suffering, loneliness and desertion.

The next edition of “Gourbi” will feature Giuseppe Stampone who will portray the issue of emigration.

Giuseppe Stampone is an Italian artist, the son of an Italian immigrant. He was born in Cluses Haute Savoie, France and was brought up in the poorest district of the town; nevertheless, situated in an extremely rich area. When he was 7, his parents decided to return to their native country Italy, in Teramo. Giuseppe returned to school where he was taught the alphabet and was for the first time confronted with the limits of language.
This is the beginning of a beautiful story both unique and very close to other stories of children of emigrants. From his personal experience, Giuseppe has been able to create its own language that finds its alphabet in the world of Art. Thanks to his sensitive spirit, Giuseppe approaches thematic with meaning, a great deal of irony, cynicism and poetry.

Having realized the Saluti da L’Aquila project in 2009 further to the earthquake which destroyed the city, and Greetings from New Orleans in 2011 after the violent hurricane Katrina. In 2014 confronted with the biggest Roma camp in Italy realizing Saluti da Castel Romano. Today Giuseppe Stampone follows up his project with Greetings from Roubaix city situated in the North of France on the theme of the emigration.

For the next “Gourbi”, the artist asks us to question ourselves on the issue of emigration thanks to children’s eyes who will take part in the workshop “Global Education”. Working with Giuseppe, children will be tasked with trying to build an alphabet that is different from what we know. Martine Salmon and Karim Feddal, two artists native from Roubaix, will conduct the showing through slam.
The two artists confront their vision of rebellion to present news or even to past rebellions facing both “Peoples’ rebellion” to “inner rebellion”. Their revolt is full of positive energy, bringing an energetic and fluid declamation. The slam proposed is pure, and deprived of any useless tendency. It, then becomes a rather rude art, a direct and accessible poetry leading to the essential.

The artistic creation is then focused on their own language, on the one hand guided by letters and on the other hand by the strength of their words.

The Gourbi Club invites you to discover the singularity or uniqueness of their thought and of their emotions and feelings.

Special Thanks to Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch